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Client: Derby Conference Centre

Establishing a flexible branding system that enables clear communication for a modern events facility and hotel.

Think Plus Ink were asked to take on a big challenge – to update the image of the Derby Conference Centre and ensure that it remained competitive with other similar venues. We used a range of strategies to make sure this project was a complete success.

Derby Conference Centre Identity


The Derby Conference Centre (DCC) is a popular and versatile venue based in the central hub of Derby. Set in a stunning Grade II listed building, The Derby Conference Centre cherishes its heritage while also seeking to appeal to contemporary tastes. With a range of meeting and conference rooms on offer, as well as a fifty-room hotel, the Derby Conference Centre is uniquely positioned to offer corporate events and weekend getaways.

The problem

While the Derby Conference Centre honours its heritage and art decor appearance, they were struggling to modernise the brand. DCC needed to refresh its appearance and image, as its logo was seen as dated and difficult to reproduce on a range of different materials. As DCC strives to become a modern business hotel and setting for conferences, they reached out to Think Plus Ink to help them tackle these challenges.

Derby Conference Centre Brand Guidelines
Derby Conference Centre Brand Guidelines
Derby Conference Centre Brand Guidelines
Derby Conference Centre Letterhead

The project

The project was multi-faceted, creating a complete image overhaul for DCC. This began with creating a new visual brand with clear guidelines and updating the logo to appeal to modern consumers. The website also needed to be refreshed to reflect the clean and striking new logo, which utilises six colours that line up with contemporary tastes. Each colour represents a facet of what DCC offers to guests – which includes hotels, meetings, events, weddings, offices and conferences. We also changed the branding to move away from referring to the Derby Conference Centre, and towards ‘DCC’. The initials look more up-to-date and allow for the venue to use “@DCC” for each specific service offered. This creates delineation and clarity for staff and guests alike.

Derby Conference Centre Hotel Brand
Derby Conference Centre Meeting Room Brand
Derby Conference Centre Hotel Offices
Derby Conference Centre Weddings Brand
Derby Conference Centre Events Brand
Derby Conference Centre Conference Room Brand

The outcome

As a result of this intensive update to the visual branding and messaging, DCC saw an increase in sales and opportunities across the board. The new brand was created with the board and senior marketing team to truly embody the spirit and essence of DCC, ensuring that the visual identity created is a true representation of the centre. Staff and customers have had extremely positive things to say about the rebrand, and the culture of the business has been invigorated with a fresh new attitude.

Derby Conference Centre Vehicle Livery

The new, modern visual identity of DCC was a success at every level, helping a Derby stalwart to stay competitive and relevant in the digital era.  

“I am delighted with the result of this rebrand and the new website. We wanted something that would bring an equal emphasis to all of our services, that was modern and future proof. We feel our new brand does all of these things and we couldn’t be happier.”

Matthew Hutchings
Managing Director, Derby Conference Centre

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