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Creating a brand identity – Brand review and identity design


Client: Ames UK


Changing the customers’ perception of the La Hacienda brand, whilst maintaining the value of existing assets.

Think Plus Ink was excited to have the opportunity to update La Hacienda’s visual identity. This ambitious and layered project involved bringing this country-wide supplier into the modern day with a variety of services.

La Hacienda Logo And Brand Design


La Hacienda have been known across the UK and online for over thirty years with their range of high-quality outdoor cooking, garden decor and heating products. With a vast range of items, La Hacienda strives to supply atmosphere and warmth to every gathering. Their products are stocked in garden centres and online for complete customer convenience.

With so much experience and expertise, La Hacienda sought ways to increase its customer base and make sure it was appealing to the right market.

The problem

While La Hacienda boasts an impressive and established reputation, it had not yet moved to appeal to a contemporary audience as a priority. The creative team behind their existing image were rightfully concerned about losing elements of the branding that makes La Hacienda so well-known but acknowledged that the current colour palette, photography and designs were beginning to appear dated and out of touch. This lack of modern appeal had been potentially losing the business listings they required as well as failing to attract younger shoppers. Appealing to an existing core demographic is important but bringing in a new generation of loyal consumers is essential for both ongoing and long-term success.

La Hacienda Creating A Brand Identity
La Hacienda packaging design

The project

Think Plus Ink endeavoured to reposition La Hacienda’s established brand and provide a new, more modern visual identity. As such, we supplied a new logo, a thorough brand guide, and packaging design templates. La Hacienda’s incredible reputation allowed us to work with them to expand their image and use a fresh visual tone to create the look of a contemporary outdoor lifestyle brand. Creating a new logo that speaks to what the brand offers was an essential part of this, as was exploring the ways in which a fresh look could increase opportunities and sales across the board.

The spirit of La Hacienda has been retained, while the new look of the brand is more in line with the expectations and desires of modern outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts.

La Hacienda - Creating A Brand Identity
La Hacienda -Creating A Brand Identity

The outcome

Through careful design and weaving existing expectations with contemporary values and tastes, we were able to create a more modern and relevant visual identity for La Hacienda. This has increased their visibility to consumers today, allowing them to be even more competitive in their field. There have been several tangible outcomes due to the brand refresh, including an increase in sales and new opportunities for La Hacienda.

With so much experience and expertise, La Hacienda sought ways to increase its customer base and make sure it was appealing to the right market.

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