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Brand Identity Guidelines

Creative brand guidelines are easy-to-understand instructions on brand philosophies, with tones and visuals that should be used universally across all media.

The goal of a successful brand identity guideline is to ensure anyone who needs to create content for your brand can use the guidelines provided to make it sound as if all your material is created by the same one person.

This is especially important if you’re a growing business or outsourcing some of your marketing (copywriting, graphic design, etc) as this will give them the tools needed to provide you with the best results.

And if you are an international brand that works across multiple countries, having a uniform voice that can be easily conveyed through a brand guide will help streamline your brand identity and stop things from being lost in translation.

About Think Plus Ink

What we offer

Our brand identity agency in Derby offers:

  • Collaborative brand-building sessions
  • Clear, research-driven processes
  • Development of new brands and breathing life into existing ones
  • Innovation and effective brand design

Why you should use Think Plus Ink

As an established brand consultancy agency in Derby, we know what it takes to build brand guidelines that convert sales.

With our brand identity agency, we promise to:

  • Agree on pricing before we embark on a project
  • Deliver multiple solutions for your brand
  • Keep an open, engaging and collaborative relationship


What’s included in our Brand Identity Guidelines service?

Our brand identity guideline service packages include:

  • A comprehensive guide on your brand’s history, mission, values and vision
  • Colour palettes (including RGB and HEX codes)
  • Font types and sizes (for print and digital content)
  • How to use fonts, colours, logos and other key visuals in a cohesive way for your brand’s voice
  • Tone of voice and grammar rule guidance
  • A gallery of logos, icons, photos and other media for use in branded content
  • Letterhead and business card templates
  • Extra elements depending on your brand requirements

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