Why you should invest in

Brand System Development

When people engage with your brand, they should immediately recognise you without having to see your name.

It’s not just about the visuals. Everything you communicate via your brand goes into your brand system development.

What’s your brand tone of voice? What fonts do you use? What colour combinations do you use and what does that say about your brand personality?

Having a brand system development guide means that anyone can glance at your content and they’ll easily recognise you every time you’re seen.

About Think Plus Ink

What we offer

At Think Plus Ink, we offer:

  • Collaborative brand identity creation
  • Transparency on money and decision-making
  • Innovative design and strategy to set your brand apart from the competition

Why you should use Think Plus Ink

As a brand development agency in Derby, we’ve seen our fair share of marketing success stories.

Through our years of brand development strategy and delivery, we know first-hand how impactful a cleverly curated brand system development project is.

And through our complete transparency and collaboration policy, you can be sure that we’ll always be on the same page.


What’s included in our Brand System Development service?

Our brand system development service includes:


  • Developing your core brand message
  • Let everyone know who you are and what you stand for

Brand attributes

  • What makes you unique and how can you show it?
  • What’s your brand personality?

Logos and wordmarks

  • Make your brand stand out visually with an iconic logo
  • One picture, one word…make your mark in the simplest of ways

Visual attributes

  • Consistent presentation across social media channels
  • A central point for up-to-date assets


  • Brand fonts for consistent headings, subheadings, and paragraphs
  • A single typeface across all communications of your brand

Colour profile

  • Understanding the colour combination that will define who you are visually to your clients and customers alike

Next steps

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